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Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, well be known as STAECO, located in Jinan Yaoqiang Airport(ICAO code: ZSJN), Shandong, P. R. China, which is one of the major MRO providers in mainland China.

STAECO focus on extensive maintenance and engineering solution for middle& small aircraft in civil aviation. Our MRO business is covering cargo conversion, heavy maintenance, system upgrade, transit check, component overhaul, part fabrication, technical training, engineering consulting, docking system design & manufacture, parts & spares selling and etc.


Lean Production with Execution is the key performance of STAECO. “To be better but never best”, STAECO is growing remarkably but healthy in the last decade with highest safety and highest quality standard, also with marketing and customer oriented.



Jinan, as the capital city of Shandong Province,locates in the middle east of China. It is the political,ecnomic and cultural center of the province and an essential traffic pivot.The total area is 8154 square kilometers with the population of more than 5.4 million.

Jinan has the history of more than 4000 years which is an essential birthplace of the civilization in China, even in the world.Chengziya in eastern Jinan is the place where the Longshan Civilization of the late Neolithic Age was found. Jinan has many historical sites such as the Qi Great Wall(built in the third centry B.C)which is even older than the Qin Great Wall;China's oldest stone pagoda-Liubu Four-Door Pagoda of the Sui Dynasty;the colorful sculptures at Lingyan Temple of the Song Dynasty which is praised as the "Best Sculptures of China". Jinan is also the home or the travelling spot to many celebrities.

Jinan is endowed with a favorable geographical position and unique landscapes.The springs flushe out of the ground,gaining the good name of "the City of Springs".All of the springs run around the city making the unique scenery, among which the Baotu Spring,Black Tiger Spring,Pearl Spring and the Five Dragons Spring are the most famous.



STAECO is the joint venture of Shandong Aviation Group Company (SDAG), Hongkong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO), Taikoo(Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited(HAECO Xiamen) and Beijing Huakai investment Company Limited.

SDAG is one of the major operators in mainland China, its core subsidiary-Shandong Airlines incorporates 220 flight routes, with over 700 weekly flights to most of cities in mainland China as well as oversea, besides passenger and cargo business, SDAG also maintain other associated aviation activities such as maintenance, charter, catering, crew training, hotel, restaurant, travel agent and etc.

HAECO is well known worldwide, has provided comprehensive aeronautical engineering and maintenance services to airlines and operators line to heavy maintenance packages including aircraft component overhaul support and AOG/aircraft recovery service. HAECO provide MRO management and experience support to STAECO.

Taikoo(Xiamen) is reputable in the MRO industry, provides heavy maintenance on Boeing and Airbus aircraft models and offers passenger/combi to freighter conversion program on Boeing 747-200/-300/-400 models, also provides line maintenance at Beijing/Shanghai/Xiamen and has set up part manufacturing capability. Taikoo(Xiamen) share MRO resource with STAECO.


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