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STAECO Memorial
90.On November 16th 2016, STAECO signed the cooperation agreement of New Generation 737 PTF(737-800BCF)with Boeing Company.
89.On November 7th 2016, the first ARJ21 aircraft held by STAECO according to the agreement arrived at STAECO for Check.
88.On October29th 2016, STAECO completed first maintenance check of two ERJ190 aircraft of Burma National Airlines.
87.On October 18th 2016, STAECO Calibration& testing center got approval certificate from National Laboratory.
86.On October 15th 2016, STAECO finished Thailand NOK AIR Q400 aircraft 1C Check for the first time.
85.On September 24th 2016, STAECO completed ARJ21-700 aircraft main landing gear change for the first time in Chengdu Airport.
84.On August 23th 2016, STAECO got ARJ21-700 maintenance capability approval.
83.On August 2th 2016, PEMCO’ 100th B737-300 PTF delivery ceremony was held in STAECO.
82.On July31th 2016, STAECO (Beijing) Business Jet Maintenance Company successfully got FAA maintenance approval.
81.On June 8th, 2016, STAECO got the maintenance approval of Burma Civil Aviation Administration.
80.On May30th 2016, STAECO gained the Part-21Design Organization Authentication of European Aviation Safety Administration.
79.On May14th 2016, STAECO Performed ERJ190type aircraft QACVR modification design for the first time.
78.On April 19th 2016, China Commercial Aircraft Company General Manager He Dongfeng and Shanghai Flight Academy President Guo Bozhi came to STAECO for visit and communication.
77.On April 14th 2016, STAECO finished the first time B737-800 winglet modification among the Asian-Pacific region.
76.On March 10th 2016, STAECO’s CTSOA got approval by China Civil Aviation Administration.
75.On March 10th 2016, STAECO signed the agreement of enterprise& college cooperation with Zhejiang Transportation Professional &Technical College.
74.On February 3th 2016, STAECO signed the agreement of ARJ21 aircraft maintenance capability building cooperation with China Commercial Customer Service Company.
73.On January 11th 2016, STAECO performed ERJ190 type aircraft 2C check for Brazil Embrasir Aviation Company for the first time.
72.On February 13th 2015, STAECO delivered the Business Jet interior renovation for the first time, and therefore became the primary professional services provider to carry out Business Jet interior renovation and airframe painting.
71.On January 15th 2015, STAECO won the honor of “Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Innovation and Capacity - building Advanced Unit”.
70.On December 10th 2014, STAECO won the honor of” Advanced Unit in Key Topics Research of Shandong Province Corporation Training and Employee Education “.
69.On November5th 2014, ceremony of the 50th airplane delivery between Japan Air Commuter Co.,Ltd and STAECO was held successfully.
68.On September 10th 2014, STAECO got the title of “Aircraft Maintenance Golden Station of AIR China in 2013”.
67.On April 25th 2014, STAECO won the title of “Top 100 of Service-outsourcing Growth - oriented Enterprises in China in 2013 “.
66.On January 8th 2014, STAECO passed CAAC-PMA audit of Civil Aviation Administration.
65.On January 6 th 2014, STAECO’S reporting topics won “Research Award in Key Topics of Shandong Province Corporation Training and Employee Education in 2013” issued by Shandong Province Corporation Training and Employee Education Office.
64.On December 6th 2013, STAECO signed the agreement of " Joint Postgraduate Training Base " with Graduate School of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and held the inauguration ceremony.
63.On October 28th 2013, the ceremony of one hundredth cargo airplane modification by HAECO group was held in STAECO successfully.
62.On October 18th 2013, STAECO (Beijing) Business Jet Maintenance Co.,Ltd ,invested by STAECO, was founded in Beijing.
61.On September 24th 2013, STAECO was conferred the title ”Advanced Unit in the Building of Enterprise Culture in Shandong Province” by Shandong Province Enterprise Culture Society.
60.On July 16th 2013, STAECO was recognized as ”Innovative Enterprises in Jinan City” by Jinan Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology.
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