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Achievement Summary
82.On January 26th 2015, on the first cooperation with 9-Air Co.,Ltd ,STAECO completed the satellite communication modification and the plane was delivered on time.
81.On September 19 th 2014, STAECO successfully got the check maintenance approval of Gulfstream GIV-X(G450)airplane .
80.On September 12th 2014, four PMA processing items applied by STAECO got approval from CAAC.
79.On September 10th 2014, STAECO finished the first domestic EMB-190 passenger cabin configuration modification project.
78.On August 22 th 2014, SATECO Beijing got maintenance personnel approval issued by Civil Aviation Administration of both Isle of Man and Cayman Islands and finished business jet maintenance &release for the first time.
77.On May 14th 2014, STAECO CCAR-145 maintenance license was added new items of Global Express aircraft high-level check, CRJ-900 check and B737-400 airplane passenger transfer cargo.
76.On May 4th 2014, SATECO Beijing Business Jet Maintenance Technology Co,.Ltd.got CCAR145 maintenance approval from CAAC North China Regional Administration.
75.On January 8th 2014, STAECO successfully passed project audit of CRJ-700 supercharged flooring replacement and modification.
74.On November 21th 2013, STAECO accomplished business jet 8C check for Global Express of Bombardier for the first time .
73.On November 4th 2013, STAECO finished CL605 airplane integral painting for Beijing Capital Airlines for the first time and delivered successfully.
72.On June15th 2013 , STAECO finished B737-400 flap performance modification domestic for the first time.
71.On April3rd 2013, STAECO won ISO9001:2008+AS9100C quality management system authentication.
70.On March28th 2013 , STAECO obtained maintenance ability of ERJ190 type 6000FH/5000FC/27M check (contained) approved by CAAC.
69.On March5th 2013 STAECO obtained maintenance ability of CL605 type 1600FH/1200FC/36M/1600EMG* H/2000APU*/H check (contained) approved by CAAC.
68.In March2013 , STAECO ,with the firtst cooperation with JEJU AIR of South Korea, signed the contract for 5 airplanes scheduled check.
67.On February 3rd 2013, STAECO gained A319 maintenance ability approved by CAAV.
66.On December 26th 2012, STAECO finished the first ERJ190 aircraft 1C check.
65.On December 12th 2012, STAECO accomplished the first airplane high-level check from Korea EASTAR JET.
64.On November 24th 2012, STAECO finished airplane integral painting work of ORIENT THAI Airlines for Thai customer for the first time.
63.On October 15th 2012, STAECO completed the first airplane release check for China United Airlines.
62.On September 20th 2012, STAECO established BAFA to strictly performe national export control laws and regulations and to strengthen export controls.
61.In April 2012, STAECO got the maintenance check approval of Bombardier Global Express BD-700-1A10 business jet 3000FH/1500FC/36M (contained).
60.On March 17th 2012, STAECO successfully finished the first CL850 business jet scheduled check maintenance for the third - party client .
59.On July 16th 2011, STAECO completed the 30th airplane high-level check of JTA.
58.On June 13th 2011, STAECO finished the first Airbus airplane 8C check.
57.On On March 21th 2011, STAECO finished the first B-757 airplane integral painting.
56.On the Nov, 25th, 2010, the first QC-Full Freight change of B737-300(PEMCO STC) Redelivery at STAECO.
55.On the Sep, 5th, STAECO and ANA celebrated to the 60th heavy maintenance completion.
54.On Aug 28th 2010, STAECO launched the maintenance business from Korea, and on time delivered the livery painting to one Boeing 737 aircraft for T’way Airline.
53.On the Jun 24th 2010, STAECO completed the 20th heavy maintenance visits for JAC (Japan Air Commuter)
52.On the Jun.9th, 2010, the first coloured drawing aircraft of CEA Redelivery at STAECO.
51.On the Mar 19th, 2010, STAECO completed the 20th heavy maintenance visits for Shanghai Airlines
50.On the Mar 10th, 2010, STAECO completed the first A319 aircraft from Chengdu Airlines for the livery change repainting.
49.On the Mar 8th,2010, STAECO completed the first major structure AOG repair on A320 type .
48.On the Jan 25th, 2010, STAECO first completed exterior repainting for business jet from DEER JET.
47.On the Jan 1, 2010 STAECO completed the 20th heavy maintenance visits from JTA.
46.On the Nov 12, STAECO first completed A319 type C check for Juneyao Airlines
45.On the Nov 10, 2009, the first Hainan Airlines PTF handover and the 10th 737CL PTF completed in STAECO
44.On the Oct 23, 2009 STAECO completed the 30th visit from Skynet Aisa Airways.
43On the Sep 3, 2009 STAECO successfully completed the 50th visit from Air Nippon, Air Nippon M&E system joined a celebration with STAECO for the milestone.
42.On the May 26, 2009, the first B737-300 redelivery check of China Eastern Airlines completely in STAECO
41.On the May 26, 2009, the first B737-800 redelivery check completely in STAECO
40.On the February 28, 2009, the first input from China United Airlines for Boeing 737NG  D check.
39.On the January 6, 2009, STAECO redelivered the first completely repaint from Kunming Airlines and became the launch MRO providers of Kunming.
38.In December 2008, STAECO contracted with Hainan Airlines for three Boeing 737 bridging check, which are the first visit from Hainan for bridging outsource.
37.In December 2008, STAECO performed aircraft system modification for the nation of  China, extending the maintenance business to air force fleet.
36. On the December 25, 2008, STAECO contracted with Sichuan Airlines for the first  input with exterior  repainting and achieve the new record of “covering painting”  within 72 hours.
35. On the October 28, 2008, STAECO contracted with ACG (Aviation Capital Group) for one D check of its Boeing 737-300.
34.In August 2008, STAECO successfully completed the 10th heavy maintenance visit from JTA and built up the long-term agreement with JTA on the celebration ceremony.
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